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Up Next Screens are great to introduce a series of scenes by telling those who maybe unfamiliar with the years gone by or to refresh those fond memories. The number of lines in Up Next Screens and the number of Up Next Screens used in your DVD video, is flexible based on your individualized DVD creation.

Slides to DVD Up Next Screen



Itís one of the best things about watching DVDs: jumping from scene to scene without rewinding or fast forwarding. These buttons correspond to the chapter scenes, i.e.: (Wedding: Rehearsal Dinner, Wedding Ceremony, Wedding Reception) (Vacation: Oahu, Maui Helicopter, Luau, The Big Island). The Scene Selection Buttons are created from photos or still video clips taken from your DVD video.

Slides Scene Selection Buttons



These captions/titles add to the detail of your DVD video. These captions can identify a person, or place. They can be accurate information of the scene or photo that is being viewed or it can be something humorous to add more fun to your DVD creation.