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About Beacon Digital Video ....
Your guiding light to DVD creations!


Beacon Digital Video provides full service digital video production services in addition to photo rescue, management and organization to preserve your digital memories. Our studio is located in southern New Hampshire, near Portsmouth NH at in Dover, NH.

Our professional staff creates high quality, long lasting DVD videos from your photographs, digital photos, slides, VHS videotapes, camcorder 8mm, HI-8, Digital 8, MiniDV tape and your 8mm, Super 8, 16mm film along with POLAVISION Super 8 cassettes. Our video services also include video and photo editing, transfers, and duplication.

Beacon Digital Video combines state of the art digital equipment and the highest level of customer service, providing solutions for businesses, education, community groups and the general public.

What people are saying . . . . . Quality conversions at a reasonable price.

I'm so happy to have these annual DVDs created by you Dave, they're a family heirloom at this point... All my camcorder videos onto DVD and digital files since we started in 2006! We can't wait to get another year's DVD!
Maureen, Seabrook, NH (January 2006 thru January 2020 - Camcorder tapes to DVD & Digital Files)

Thanks for everything Dave, the videos came out great, have not seem them for years!
Gerry, Hampton, NH (August 2019 - 8mm film to DVD)

Dave, I just wanted to thank you for converting our VCR tapes. It'snow so easy to watch all the tapes on my laptop and I am cracking up at how funny my kids were! I gave your name to the ladies in my book group so I hope they have an opportunity to revive their past too.
Kathy, Rye, NH (February 2017 - Basic Tape to MP4 Digital Files)

Thanks again Dave...its been fabulous doing business with you... we have been recommending you every chance we get!
Lisa, Wolfboro, NH (March 2016 - VHS tape to DVD and Digital Files)

Dave, the video looks great. Thank you for reviving something from our heritage, it means a lot to me.
William, Newington, NH (April 2015 – 16mm film from 1977)

The video was so well received, words cannot express how very grateful I/we are for your very hard work and effort put forth to get it done in time... so many compliments.... and thank you so much for sending the DVD in the mail...
Katherine, Amesbury, MA (September 2014 – memorial photo montage)

My Sister absolutely loved, loved, loved the DVD, it went over really well. And my niece and nephew were glad that they went home with a complimentary copy, so it worked out great, thanks again for the quick Turn-Around-Time.
Carol, Hooksett, NH (Feb 2014 – 50th birthday photo montage)

Hi Dave, I just wanted to thank you for your work on my families slides. My dad was surprised last week when he and my step-mother picked up the DVD's. They both reported the DVD's came out great! Thanks again!
Brooke, Exton, PA (July 2013 - slide scanning)

You are my hero! Video was amazing. People went crazy over it. I have some funny stories I'll share with you about it when I get back. Amazing job - I appreciate you saying yes in such short notice. ;)
Annie, Rye, NH (June 2013 - Photo Montage for College Fraternity)

Hi Dave, The DVDs were a huge hit at Christmas with the kids. So much so that they went to their mother's house and brought back a box full of 8mm tapes that had been stuffed in various cupboards, boxes, etc. I'd like to do the same thing with these, have 4 copies of each one made, when your schedule allows.
Thank you,
Jessie, Greenland, NH (December 2012 – VHS & 8mm to DVD) repeat customer

Thank you very much. By the way, people at the memorial loved the DVD. Nice job. I'll definitely refer people your way and utilize your services again. Thanks.
Sandra, Derry, NH (December 2012 – Memorial DVD)

Dave, I had to write and thank you for a job well done. The kids were all very pleased with the movies. Sure brought a lot of memories back. When we get back from Calif, we are going to try to start on the slides. There are probably 1,000 so it will take time.
Thanks again, and Happy New Year.
Joan, Durham, NH (December 2012 – 8mm film to DVD)

Thank you so much for today!  You are awesome!  The new first dance looks great and is going to be perfect for the video!  Thanks always for your help!  I will be in touch to convert all my tapes of the kids to DVD....in the meantime I will send people your way!
Take care,
Katey, Hampton, NH (September 2012 – Video tape conversion to DVD and editing)

Hi Dave,
My wife and I want to thank you for the excellent job you did transferring our old videos to DVD. They look great!
Thank you,
Tony and Joanne, North Woodstock, NH (July 2012 - VHS to DVD)

Early yesterday morning the incoming President came to my office anxious to view the video before the party.  He liked it so much that he changed the agenda on the program to present the video as “the finale” – saying “I think everyone will be pretty emotional after that.”
Dave, I must tell you, our employees were blown away. John (outgoing President) & his wife were so touched by it.  There weren’t many dry eyes in the place by the time the plane took off (at the end of the video).  The little moments of humor thrown in, the perfect volume of the music – nothing but compliments and “can we play this on our (big screen) TV in the cafeteria?”   We presented John with many extravagant gifts, but as he told me after the event, “I’ll treasure this, Susie.”  It was the crème de la crème of the day.  And this morning when I came in – it’s what everyone is talking about.
So I’ll say it again, thank you so much.  You did an excellent job.  Don’t hesitate to use us as a “testimonial” and if we have any video needs in the future, you’re the guy we’ll call.
Susie, Seabrook, NH (December 2011 - editing corporate video)

You are our hero! He was able to upload the video and we have confirmation that the application is in! Thank you! Thank you!
Mary, North Hampton, NH (November 2011)

Hi Dave—I want to thank you very much for doing such a wonderful job with the pictures for my mother’s memorial DVD!  I am so please with the result.  You were a pleasure to work with!
Tara, Greenland, NH (June 2011)

Hi Dave,
Got the package yesterday, the 31st. My wife and I watched the DVD last night and had more than a few laughs and were very pleased with the results. Well done.
Thank you so much
Andrew, Ontario Canada (March 2011)

My family watched the 23-minute DVD which you made for me recently. It came out great! I like the way you shifted between chapters. I also surprised my wife with the short movie of our wedding; we never had any movie footage of the wedding so it was a little gem to have and to watch. Thank you again for your work. I’ll be back again.
All the best.
Bill, Exeter, NH (February 2011)


NH Union Leader, June 23, 2010

ASK US - Cat Pragoff

My folks have color slides dating from 1947 to about 1975 that they would like to have transferred to a disc so that the pictures can be viewed on a TV using a DVD Player. They found someone in New Jersey who could do this but the end product was very dark and they weren't happy with it. Also they have home movies on VHS cassettes that they would like to watch on the DVD player. Do you know anyone who can do these conversions? (L.B. Bedford)


Dear L.B.: Your parents might want to contact either Dave or Melissa at Beacon Digital Video in Hampton. They provide complete video production services, including file transfers and slide scanning, along with website design and hosting. According to their website (www.beacondigitalvideo.com), they can create quality DVD videos from photos, slides, videotapes or VHS, 8mm, HI-8 or MiniDV; and 8mm, Super 8, 16mm and Polavision cassettes. They can also clean up, edit and add special effects to the DVDs. Beacon Digital Video is located in Hampton (phone: 929-1188)

Cat Pragoff Columnist, New Hampshire Union Leader, Manchester NH




I want to extend my most sincere thank you for the video. The music selection fit perfectly and even included some of her favorite songs! I mentioned that I was pretty sure she had never seen these videos (which I found out was, in fact, the case), but I neglected to tell you that both of her parents were deceased. Not only have you helped her capture a period of childhood which would be difficult for her to remember, but she now has a living representations of her parents that no single picture could possibly capture. She was absolutely surprised and amazed by the video, so again, THANK YOU!
Rick, Gansevoort, NY (Polavision Media - 2010)



OMG ... so great. I love the whole thing. Let's do that. Thank you, thank you. Won't make it up there before his birthday, so please overnight the DVD's. This is fabulous, he'll love it.
Debbie, Marblehead, MA (Repeat Customer - 2010)


Hi Dave,

The video was awesome, everyone loved it, and I had just the right number of extra copies for the folks to take home with them. Please feel free to start the second job anytime, and thanks again to you and your wife for your excellence, the pictures that needed repair came out great and it was truly appreciated.
Allison, Seabrook NH (Memorial Tribute - 2010)


Hi Dave,

The DVD was great. I watched it yesterday. My mom will love her birthday gift when I give to her next week. See you in the fall with the next batch of Christmas projects.
Janice, Merrimack, NH (2010)



Thank you. I got the package on Thursday. I've finally had a chance to check everything out, and it is fantastic! I am extremely impressed with the work you did and I will recommend Beacon to anyone I know who needs this type of work done.
Kirk, Memphis, TN (Polavision Media - 2010)



Thank you for your help and patience, Great Job.
Fred, Rochester, NH (2010)



It came our GREAT! Thank you very much! I hope I can find more movies to convert.
Keith, Nashua, NH (2010)


Hey Dave

Happy New Year! Just wanted to let you know that the DVDs were a big hit with everyone in the family. Thanks so much for all the work you did.
Anne, Eliot, ME (2010)



I can not thank you enough!! I appreciate all of your hard work to enable me to present this gift to my parents at Christmas. I will let you know the reaction - I can hardly wait!! Warmly
Amy, Kennebunkport, ME (2009)



I am so happy with the work you did for me. The quality is outstanding. I have shown this to dozens of my relatives, and for the most, the only record they have of the past. The wedding video brought tears to the eyes of my 90 year old aunt, the first time she has seen it since right after returning from her honeymoon. Beautiful work.

Adrian, Rye, NH (Repeat Customer - 2009)



Just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the DVD you made. It's so great to relive the past. You did a fantastic job, till next time, God bless and take care.
Pauline, Barrington, NH (2009)


Hi Dave,

Wow those sound great!. I played the samples for my fiance last night and decided that the KD2.mp3 (hiss and noise reduction) sounds the best for our wedding announcement.
Kelsa, Lee, NH (2009)



Incredible work. Very clear and being 65+ years old, are bringing happiness to many people.
Adrian, Rye, NH (2009)


Dave, hope this finds you well. Everything turned out GREAT on this end w/ photos from the VHS tape. Quite the hit at my sisters’ retirement party.
John, Iowa City, Iowa (2009)


The party was awesome! I wrapped the DVD up as a gift for David and he was a bit shy at first to put it on the large screen TV in the hall. After he saw it on my laptop for a few minutes, he said ok. We watched about 25 minutes of it. Everyone loved it, even his friends!! David is coming up tonight and we’re going to sit and watch it together. If you wouldn’t mind, please make 2 more DVDs of “David’s early years”. Krissie (David’s half-sister) wants one and so does my sister.
Joanne, Amesbury, MA (2008)


I wanted to let you know that the kids just loved the video.  It has clearly had a big impact on them. This has been a great experience for all of us and has brought us closer together as a family.
You turned 13 years of Super 8 film, some of which was nearly 40 years old, into a highly professional and beautiful rendering on DVDs that we, our children and grandchildren will cherish for many years to come.  Thank you for your wonderful work.
Bill, Barrington, NH (2008)


It was the hit of Christmas – by far!
Julie & Scott, Buffalo, NY (2007)


Hey there. Just saw the Francis family movies last night. You guys did a great job! Music was super too. Hope you are well!
Nick, Los Angeles, CA (2007)



Just got your DVD...what a wonderful job, REALLY; Bob must be very happy. I'm also glad you could use so many of my pictures. Thanks again,well done!
Ernie, Buffalo, NY (2007)

Thank you so much for the DVD of my Dad's  Birthday!  It is fabulous.  It was fun to watch and reminisce about the party.  Thank you so much!

Debbie, Marblehead, MA (Repeat Customer - 2007)


Hey Dave,

Nice job on the 60th Birthday DVD! Two thumbs up. I came home and found Terry crying (somewhat embarrassedly) in front of her PC. We laughed, we cried, we begged for more! Can't wait for the sequel in 2028 starring Great Granny Franny!
Charlie, Oakland, CA (2007)


Hi Dave!

Hope you're doing great!

We watched the DVDs a few days ago and I just wanted to let you know that we think they came out fantastic!!!! I can't wait till my parents open them on Christmas morning and see their faces as they watch them.

They'll be thrilled!

Thank you for pulling them together so quickly and doing such a nice job with them!
Cristina, Stratham, NH (2007)

Just wanted to let you know that the video came out so great!! I love it and know my parents will too. Thanks again...
Kate, Norwell, MA (2007)

Wow! Phenomenal effort Dave! I'm really impressed with the Gold treatment. I had no idea that you would put so much into it. I am certain the family will be impressed. I so much appreciate all that you did. I sure don't want to mess with perfection. I can't stop watching it. You put so much in there to make it interesting. Any switch would pretty much be that, just a switch. I think I may just say Thank You, pay you and call myself lucky and grateful I found you. Thank you for being so timely. I never felt any anxiety over it. I will definitely recommend you to others. It all means so much!   Thank you so very much!
Jane, Hampton Falls, NH (2007)

The DVDs are here (in plenty of time, just as we wanted) and getting great reviews. All thanks to you.  Also, stay tuned for the next DVD. I’m awaiting word on that.
John Devins
Developmental Editor
Wolters Kluwer Law & Business, Waltham, MA (2007)

Hi Dave, 
Good job on the rate pages these will
help us with the reservation process. Your fine work on our website is helping us rent rooms. I’m very happy with the professional look of my new site…
Riviera Motor Inn, Hampton Beach, NH (2007)

First of all, I wish to express our belated appreciation for the fine work you had done in creating the wonderful video program for my parent’s anniversary event.  It was truly a big hit as all, especially my parents, were touched by the video and the program.  Thank you for a job well done!
Victor, Brunswick, ME (2007)

Dave & Melissa,
A huge thank you for the beautiful job you did putting our films on DVD. We so enjoyed seeing our family and to remember that we were young once. It's very special for our family to have the history. Just wanted you to know how much it means to all of us.
Shirley & Mike, Riverside, CA (Referral - 2006)

Hello Dave,
I was able to watch the video that you put together over the weekend at my daughter's house.  It was great - thank you very much.  I liked the music that you chose as well.
I'm sure my husband will love it.
I liked the flawless way that you worked with me since I was so remote.
Thanks again......Jane, Bradenton, FL (Repeat Customer - 2006)

I'm so glad I found your service. Thank you very much for doing this for me and my family. The memories on those reels is priceless to us, especially my parents!
Melissa, Nashua, NH (2006)

Hi Dave,
Marty and I want to thank you for capturing our memories on DVD. We are very happy with the results, and we cannot wait to share it with the rest of our family. If we have any need for transfers in the future, we will come to you.
Sincerely, Deb & Marty, Hampton, NH (2006)

Hi Dave and Melissa,
Happy New Year to the two best digital video editors on the planet!! I apologize for the delay in my reply - blame it on the holidays. I've watched a little more than half the DVDs, and there aren't enough words to describe how much I'm enjoying them. All three jobs are bringing so much sharing and laughter (and a few tears too) to some very special people in my family. The elderly are trying to remember everyone's names, especially on the footage from the 1950's. The young people are awed by seeing their parents, and aunts and uncles as children; and they're blown away by seeing their grandparents and great-grandparents in motion.
At first everyone seems to take the audio for granted, enjoying it, but unconsciously. But soon enough, they become cognizant of the clever and apropos tunes, and especially of the timed thematic changes - all well over and above what I expected for these projects - no exaggeration. You did a fabulous job! I'm recommending you to my relatives from near and far. Each is procrastinating, while their reels sit in storage slowly disintegrating. I'm hoping that seeing my Mom's will spur people into action.
It's been a pleasure doing business with you!
I hope you had wonderful holidays,
Darilyn, Newmarket NH (Repeat Customer - 2006)

I'd like to thank you for the work you did on my father-in-laws videos. The discs were a HUGE smash! His seven children all called me and told me how great they were. When I gave them each the DVDs, I gave them your card. I hope it may generate a bit more business for you.
Kevin, Merrimac, MA (2005)

Hi Dave,
I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you did on the photo montage for my husband’s birthday party. It was a huge hit! The pictures looked great -- the color and quality were amazing. Everyone loved it, especially my husband. I will definitely recommend anyone I know to you.
Thanks again,
Julie, Rochester, NH (2005)

Thank you so much, you have no idea the pleasure they brought to the holidays!
Cheryl, Hampton, NH (Repeat Customer - 2005)

Dear Melissa and Dave,
Nancy and her Husband visited us in NH on Sunday. While Dian was showing Nancy and Ronnie the outside of the house, Dian’s Husband placed the video into the DVD Player on pause, so when Nancy and her Husband walked into the house "The Castonguay Family Album" was on the TV display. Nancy stood still, jaw touching the floor unable to speak. It was priceless. We watched the video, and the order you placed everything, was exactly as it should have been. There wasn’t a dry eye in the entire house, husbands included. We laughed, we cried, we laughed, and cried. It touched our hearts so deeply, because Nancy’s parents were like second parents to us. When the DVD ended, Bryan passed out tissues, and kept one for himself. Nancy needed a few more minutes to compose her self, but it was BEAUTIFUL, it was just BEAUTIFUL! Nancy was ecstatic. And when we gave her a copy of the DVD, and told her it was her gift from us, she broke down again. The both of you are remarkable, and Dian and I want to personally THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for giving us the opportunity.
Thank you isn’t even enough when you’ve touched someone’s life so deeply.
Thanks again,
Donna and Dian, Derry, NH (2005)

Thank you again Dave, my films were just sitting in boxes and had not been seen by my family in years. My brothers now have the opportunity to show their children what it was like growing up in the 50’s instead of just talking about it.
Gerry, Lowell MA (Referral - 2005)

Dear Dave,
I very much appreciate your producing 80 DVDs from my videotapes. The workmanship was of very superior quality and you delivered the discs promptly at a reasonable cost. You were creative in the packaging of the discs so they can be easily stored and organized. By taking a significant photograph from one of the videos and placing it on the face of the disc, it created a very professional product. I would certainly recommend your company and look forward to doing business with you again.
William, Stratham NH (Repeat Customer - 2005)

Dear Melissa and Dave,
I want to thank you so much for everything you did transferring our family films to DVD. It’s been years since I saw these films. My family got a kick out of the music you selected, they are no longer the boring typical “old home movies -- we all tend have. Once again thank you.
Betty, Chelmsford MA (Referral - 2004)

Dave & Melissa,
Thank you again for converting my 8mm films to DVD video. We have watched them four or five times already and have received many complimentary comments from all who watched.
Dick, Wethersfield CT (Repeat Customer - 2004)

I am so very excited with the photo DVD video you created of our family Through the Years. This is going to be one of the best gifts that I gave to my children.
Shirley, Portsmouth NH (2004)

Hi Dave,
I've been meaning to email you for at least a week. Today is exactly 1 month since my aunt's birthday. Since then, the DVD player has been moved from the living room to her bedroom and she watches the DVDs of her family over and over with great enjoyment. She talks out loud to the people in them. When we first presented them, I brought one of those small personal players with me, and she was so excited, we thought she was going to put her finger right through the LCD. I can't tell you how rewarding this whole experience has been. Anyway, a tardy, but sincere thank you to both you and Melissa for all the time and effort you put into my aunt's project.
Darilyn. Newmarket NH (Repeat Customer - 2004)

Dave & Melissa,
I couldn't have asked for a more professional video company than yours to help me put together a lifetime of memories on DVD. We laughed, we cried, we got goofy and we remembered the good times of our family. Thanks for the memories!!
Jeannie, Portsmouth NH (2004)

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