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Preserve Memories

Insurance Policy

Ultimate Gift




Why you should convert your VHS tapes, Digital 8, HI-8, MiniDV, 8mm, 16mm and POLAVISION Super 8 films and slides to DVD videos?


Preserve Memories for Future Generations

old home movies converted,DVD.Over the years, your family, undoubtedly, has spent untold time creating and storing photos and home movies.  What a shame itís all sitting in boxes somewhere!  Our creative editing will make all the time and energy you spent capturing your family in photographs, film or video worthwhile. Just pop the DVD video into your player and go back in time to relive your familyís history. Donít just talk to your children about all those years when you were growing up, let them see your story right before there eyes.  <top>


Insurance for your Priceless Memories

Safeguards your memories as an "insurance policy" which preserves your family history ffamily photos films tapes DVD.or your loved ones. Unfortunately, photos, films and videos can be lost or destroyed by fire or flood, and if they survive all that, they still fade overtime. After your DVD is created itís quick and inexpensive to make copies Ė to keep in a safe place or to give to family and friends.  <top>



The Ultimate Gift

What could be a better gift than your family's photos and films beautifully rendered into a treasured DVD video reminding us of our loved ones and the times spent together.  Create a unique family story that lasts through the years - there is no better gift than a gift of memories.  <top>



Convenience of Viewing your DVD Video

DVD player,family home movies.Instead of fast forwarding to a specific spot in your video as with VHS tapes, DVDís allows you to navigate right to a specific point of the video. With a DVD, the viewer is in the driver's seat. DVD makes it possible to jump around, to replay a favorite sequence, and to skip material you already know. With a DVD, you can use menus and chapter points to let the viewer decide what to view and when.  <top>




Lasts for generations!

Safeguards your photos, films & tapes!

A unique & special gift for family & friends!

Easy to view & navigate thru the video!