UMAX PowerLook 2100XL. Large flatbed scanner (scan bed 12 x 17). Measures 18.6 Wide x 24.6 Deep x 7.6 high and weighs about 46lbs.

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PowerLook 2100XL is a one-size-fits-all scanner for graphics professionals who require high resolution and fast color scanning of any image in a small-footprint package. When UMAX says one size fits all, UMAX means it! You can scan illustrations, newspapers, magazines, transparencies, color photos, and even x-rays, textiles, and negatives! This professional 800 x 1600 dpi scanner consumes minimal space on the desktop, yet allows tabloid-sized scanning. The PowerLook 2100XL features UMAX' new proprietary Mirror Moving Technology which utilizes mirrors to project images directly to the stationary CCD. UMAX' Mirror Moving Technology not only minimizes signal noise to produce higher quality, more consistent scans; it also reduces the scanner's scanning time and overall power consumption. The scanning area measures a full 12" by 17", despite the small footprint of just over 18" by 24" to fit on any desktop. The scan area can accommodate up to thirty-two 35mm slides when used with the transparency adapter. High 3.4Dmax captures fine details of shadow areas - especially important when scanning transparencies. With auto-detect slide holders, the PowerLook 2100XL can crop and scan slides automatically for super fast scans. In addition, batch scanning increases productivity by scanning more than one image in a single pass.

Rated 9 out of 10!


I purchased the scanner in 2006. I still have original paperwork, software and shipping box. You can still purchase this new for $1,229 - but why do that when you can pick this one up for just $350. Excellent condition, everything works. If you don't have one already, I will include the (required) SCSI interface card for your PC for just $25 more.


I also have the transparency adapter for this unit. It does have some issues with the scanning results. I'm selling that as is for repair or parts for $50 - with that price I'll also include the slide and film holders for the transparency adapterunit. New it's about $400. This is an add-on to the scanner and in no way effects the scan results when not using the transparency adapter. Also have the original shipping box for this one too.


If you're interested, please call or email: 603-929-1365 (days or evenings)


UMAX PowerLook 2100X Large flatbed scanner $350 or BO 603-929-1365


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