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Memorial Videos . . . A Celebration of Life


funeral video photo montage tributesMemorial videos are a lasting, emotional tribute to the life of a loved one. The video is put together to tell a life's story through pictures. (See demo)

A memorial video need not to be complex. Arranging photos in chronological order and  accompanied with favorite music, tells a story of a life in a touching way that family members will cherish. Many families find comfort in gathering and selecting photos for the memorial video - it becomes a special time of reminiscing and sharing memories.

This special video can be presented during the visitation or gathering as well as part of the funeral, memorial or cremation service. The atmosphere of the service changes with the flood of memories - the many joys they shared during the life's journey with their loved one.

For friends and family unable to attend the service, copies of the memorial video can be sent to them to remember times past.

Every life should be honored, remembered and celebrated. Memorial videos are simply the best way to capture the essence of an individual's life and can be shared with friends, family and generations to come.


What is Needed to Make a Memorial Video?
  • Up to 30 photos or slides (hard copy, scanned or digital) and numbered for order

  • Two favorite songs on a CD or just give us the artist's name and song title and we'll do the rest

  • Choose photo and title for custom DVD face

  • Choose photos and wording for opening and closing screens

  • If adding captions to photos - photo number and wording


How Long is the Memorial Video?
  • Four minutes in length - photos appear on screen for eight seconds.


24 - 48 hours needed from receiving all images
to produce a Memorial DVD Video


View Memorial Video Demo

Memorial Video DVD

  • Up to 30 pictures

  • "Touch-up" of photos, if required

  • Placement of your music selection

  • Customized cross-fades on photos with panning and zooming to add motion

  • Customized opening and closing screens with your selected photo and wording

  • Custom designed DVD face

  • Presentation can be played once or in a "loop"

  • JPEG images of your project - This gives you restored digital copies for reprints or to keep in a safe place


Additional Options

Additional Photos . . . $3/ea

Image Captions . . . $2/ea

Additional DVD copies . . . $15/ea

Add Video Clips . . . Call

Add Voice Overs . . . Call