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Slide Scanning
Tape to DVD
Film to DVD Transfer
DVD Duplication
Additional Services
Photo Scanning

Further enhance all our packages!



Advanced DVD menu upgrade (motion background, motion buttons, multiple pages and custom image/text)


Basic DVD menu upgrade (custom image or logo with custom text)
(photo scanning/editing charges may apply)


Custom full-color image/text printed on DVD and DVD case cover


Custom full-color image/text printed on DVD


Upgrade DVD case insert stock image to custom image/text


Upgrade from clear jewel case to standard DVD case


Add scene selection buttons (created from photos or still video clips)


Add captions or titles (one line) - lower third

$3 each

Add Up Next Screens (introduces upcoming scenes) $5/each

Custom Editing - custom transitions/graphics, removal of unwanted footage, add photos & slides to your DVD video, photo touch-up, audio editing/enhancement, video editing/enhancement


Basic VHS or camcorder tape repair


Custom music selection/insertion (hourly rate is based on the running time of the video) For example, a 30 minute video would be $37.50 $75/hour

Client provided music (CD) and order of play

(applies to packages with no music insertion)


Convert reel to reel audio tape to digital format (CD) with track separation and noise filtering - per minute

60 cents per min.

Audio transfers -  LP or cassette to CD with noise-filtering & track separation


 If you have any questions about these services, please contact us.


MUSIC INSERTION TIMING (8 seconds per photo)

# Photos

Music Time Needed


7 minutes

100 14 minutes


20 minutes

200 27 minutes