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Convert your old film reels to DVD & mp4 digital file/USB to be enjoyed once again by the family.
Let us make the old new!



FILM TO DVD & mp4 digital file/USB TRANSFER

(16mm, 8mm, Super 8  and POLAVISION Super 8)

  • Insertion of client provided music

  • Color correction

  • Opening stock menu w/your title & stock closing screen

  • Printed DVD(s) with full-color image/text

  • Clear jewel case (no printed case insert)

  • Further customize this package… see Additional Services

8mm & Super 8 - Price: $ .31/foot  --  16mm - Price:  $ .31/foot
POLAVISION - Price:  $22 or $27 (see below)

8mm & Super 8 Film Length  Estimate Guide


Reel Size Feet Approx Time  Cost
3" 50 4 min. $15.50
4" 100 7 min. $31
5" 200 14 min. $62
5 3/4" 300 21 min. $93
7" 400 28 min. $124


Run Time For 16mm Approximately Half


POLAVISION Cartridges 3:05 minutes ($22/ea) - film not retuned

POLAVISION Cartridges ($27/ea) - with film returned on reels





polavision film, polarvision NH
POLAVISION was a instant movie camera developed by Polaroid in the late 1970's. The small rectangular plastic box contained film (super 8) with a small lens and prism at the end for projection. This projection was done through a stand-alone projector/viewer that was developed by Polaroid to help reduce the dense film viewing. This film density problem plus the the timing of its' release, with BetaMax and VHS launching at that time, ended up to be a failure for Polaroid.



POLAVISION Cartridges 3:05 minutes ($30/ea)


Film will be cut and safely removed from cassette and spooled onto a plastic reel. You will receive back the original cassette(s) intact along with the original boxes if applicable. Each box and/or cassette will be numbered along with that same corresponding number on each plastic reel of film.



Ed McMahon for Polavision from Polaroid (April 2, 1979)



Film Reel Formats