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Slide Scanning
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Photo Scanning


Print Scanning



Do you have old printed photos that you’d love to see reprinted or enlarged? How about having your printed photos archived onto CDs or Thumb Drives for safe-guarding in the case of a flood, house fire or other natural disasters that put our precious memories at risk.


Basic Print Scanning Prices

How great would it be to enjoy those old sides again? Update your slide collection to today’s viewing format.

 1 - 9


 10 - 200


 201 - 1,000


 over 1,000


Price above is per photo and includes:
High-Resolution Scan
Adjust basic color, exposure and fading
Red-eye removal
Restoration beyond this, including scratches, tears, blemishes, etc.
fall under Photo Restoration Services at $65.00 an hour

Basic Print scan price is for prints 8x10 and smaller. For all larger prints please call for custom scan pricing.

Call for Photo Montage Pricing






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