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Beacon Digital Video offers a variety of creative packages to make your DVD video both personal and unique. You can select from one of our DVD packages and choose from a number of other options to make your DVD video even more memorable.



VHS to DVD,Creative Packages.Get into the digital age. Convert your tapes to long lasting DVD videos to share with family and friends. We can transform your unforgettable vacation into a feature story on DVD, including scene selection buttons for easy viewing. Preserve your wedding memories forever.  We can capture the true feeling of your wedding day by mingling your video footage with a photo montage – including those special videos of just the two of you. Don’t forget your graduations, sports highlights, religious events and other celebrations. Tape to DVD prices  <top>

Hard Copy, Slides, Memory Sticks, Compact Flash, Smart Media Cards, CD's, DVD's Photo CD's

Photo & Slide DVD Montage.Photo montage DVD videos are the perfect way to honor loved ones! We artfully master your photographs into a beautiful video production that will be enjoyed now and cherished for years to come. Not only do you get the photo montage, but we also provide to you on a disc all your individual photos - scanned at a high resolution, color corrected and edited. It's a great way to preserve, archive, backup and share your print photos and slides! <top>

Photo Montage prices

Demos... These are very short demos - but you can make your photo montage as long as you want. The quality of these videos is less than what you would see on the DVD due to processing to get them to play over the internet. The demos are: Family History and Baby's First Year - they are both on our demo page.

Here are just a few photo montage ideas:

Family Reunions

family reunion,movie,DVD conversion.Maybe you are organizing that annual family reunion. Think about your entire family watching memories pass before their very eyes - using those wonderful photographs that all the family members have saved over the years!  Follow your family history from as far back as images allow to the present.  Start at the beginning with the wedding of grandparents, and show the growth of the family up to the birth of the most recent grandchild!  Family DVD videos make the perfect gift and will be the talk of your family reunion. Also great entertainment for those Class Reunions too! 

Mother's Day/Father's Day

mothers day,DVD video tribute.Dad doesn't need another tie, and Mom doesn't need more flowers! Be creative this year with a beautiful memory-filled video.  A truly unique personal gift that shows how much you care. What parent wouldn't be thrilled to receive a gift this special?


photo montage,DVD video biography.Tell the story of that special someone as we chronicle his or her life.  How about a DVD video documenting the life of your child who is about to be married. Great to show at a bridal shower or combine it with the “to-be-spouse” and show at the rehearsal dinner.
Also perfect for retirements, graduations, 50th wedding anniversaries, as well as honorary tributes to those who have touched your life. 


A New Baby

new baby DVD video.A new addition can often be so time consuming to new parents that they don't capture all of those precious moments.  As a friend or grandparent, help collect those memories by taking photos of the new arrival and giving the new parents a meaningful photo montage.


Photo & Video Combination Montage
Through the Years
Gather up all those special photos, slides, and tapes (VHS & camcorder) and let us create a family history DVD video that celebrates mom & dad's life. Show the children as they grow up - those special funny moments; add to it those special days (wedding, anniversary, birthdays, retirement - just to name a few) and what about the grand kids to complete the story.

Photo Montage prices  <top>




FILM TO DVD TRANSFERS (16mm, 8mm, Super 8 & POLAVISION Super 8)polavision,polavision cartridge transfer

8mm,super,8,16mm,DVD conversions.Do you have boxes of old film that you haven’t seen in years? Does your old projector still work? Do you still have a screen to show them on? What about all those POLAVISION cassettes from the late 70's. Imagine transforming all those films with their film loading problems and the noisy projector into a simple easy to view and share DVD video. We not only convert the film, but we can add music or voice-overs, enhance existing audio, edit out unwanted scenes and add titles and captions. Using DVD menus we organize the movies for easy identification and viewing. So gather up those old reels and let us preserve those special memories on DVD.  How about creating a Family History DVD? A great gift for children and grandchildren.

Film to DVD prices  <top>


DVD & CD duplication copy.Get multiple copies of your DVD packages! Not only do they make great gifts, it’s a great ‘insurance policy’ in the event your copy is lost or destroyed.
Duplication prices  <top>



editing,DVD videos,photo editing.We can further enhance all our packages with custom editing and additional services. Over 300 transitions & effects, removal of unwanted footage, color correction, captions, titles, and custom scrolling credits – like you see at the end of a movies -  are just some of the video editing we perform. Our audio services include enhancing existing audio; adding synchronized, scene matched/period matched music and voice-overs to your production.

Additional services include photo touch-up, color correction, still photos from video, enhanced DVD navigation, motion DVD backgrounds, and motion video scene selection buttons. We also offer services for the videographer.

No DVD player? We can assist you with the purchase and installation of a new DVD player for your home. New DVD players are very inexpensive and can play a wide variety of discs including CD, DVD and photo disks. Not ready for DVD yet? No problem – our packages can be authored to VHS tape and to streaming video for posting on a website. Editing and Additional Services prices  <top>


Are you feeling overwhelmed with all those photos, but really want to create a unique DVD video gift. Let us assist you in the creation of your production. We can help you sort, select and organize your photos and also help in choosing background music. We offer project preparation consulting for any DVD video production.
Pre-Production Consulting prices  <top>


Cd,audio transfer,LPs, 45's.Do you have irreplaceable LP's or 45's that you can't find in the stores on CD? Transfer them onto CD or DVD.
Audio Transfer prices  <top>


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Dave has created a new company Beacon Website Solutions to carry on and expand the website services that were a part of Beacon Digital Video. Please contact Dave if you're interested in a new or updated website or if you have any questions...
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