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wedding VHS tape transfer,DVD.



See the above ad in 2005 New Hampshire Wedding Magazine

Visit our friends at New Hampshire Wedding Magazine or Get Married Anywhere.com




VHS, VHS-C, SVHS, 8mm, HI-8, Digital 8, MiniDV to DVD

  • Creatively transform your videotape, blending an assortment of photos to reflect that special day

  • Up to 3 special customized wedding menus

  • Up to 8 still video scene selection buttons

  • Rolling credit closing screen

  • Wedding photo montage included (up to 30 photos) with cross-fades between every photo/slide (digital photo formats also accepted)

  • Insertion of client provided music, if desired

  • Printed DVD(s) with custom full-color image/text

  • DVD case with custom full-color printed cover

  • Further customize this package… see Additional Services

Price: Up to 2 hours - $255

Other packages can be applied to your wedding materials
See our Basic and Custom Transfers


Wedding DVD Case Cover Samples

engagement,bachelor party,photos,alblum.

Tell the story of that special someone as you chronicle his or her life. Consider a photo montage or blend photos with video to create a unique gift. Great to show at a bridal shower or combine it with the "to-be-spouse" chronicling their life's journey from baby up to the engagement. Show at the rehearsal dinner or start a tradition at the wedding reception, presenting your DVD video at that special moment.




honeymoon,bridal gift,35mm slides.

Any image can be printed on the DVD case cover. You can choose from our stock images or customize, using your own graphic (photo, still image from a video, etc).

All images are also printed directly onto the DVD - we do not use labels that could potentially come off in your DVD player.


Any of the above Stock DVD Case Covers can also be an Opening Menu for your DVD Wedding production.


Select the links below to see our stock selections.

DVD Case Covers - DVD Faces - DVD Opening Menus